Commission Work

portrait of a woman with dark hair and bangs

Illustration for private client 2021.

a landscape of a river running through tall green mountains. a landscape of a waterfall and body of water; mountain ridges can be seen in the back. Clouds fill the blue sky.

Illustrations for Zelda Zine 2020.

a scan of an article with two illustrations. One is of a woman walking and using a vape. The other is of a window sill filled with plants, books and decorations.

Illustrations for Libero Magazine 2019.

a scan of an article with an illustration of a fashionable turtle a scan of an article with illustrations of fashionable reptilians socialising. a lizard wearing a sweater and pants waving at the viewer.

Illustrations for Groteski Magazine 2019.

A woman hugging a pillow. There are two plants on each side of her and there is text at the top and bottom of the image.

Illustration for Glyph Drawing Club Workshop poster 2018.

a nude woman relaxing on a carpet and reclining on a pillow. She is enjoying a plate of pie. a nude woman sleeping on a carpet; she is leaning on a pillow. a nude woman outdoors bending over her knees. She is admiring a butterfly. a woman with a punk fashionstyle standing at a nightclub with a text that reads, forgive me and dance with me in spanish. treasure box surrounded by nature with a text that reads, that brown girl magic. two images; one in each page. One is of a chandelier casting some light into a large dark room. In the room there is a carpet and a cat can be seen in the shadows. Second image is of a woman facing the viewer with short hair and bangs. two images; one in each page. One is of a forest nymph adorned with a flower crown. The second image is of a card with an image of a warrior holding a thin sword. The card cointains text that reads, one eye warrior.

Illustrations for Glyph Drawing Club User Guide V1.0.0 2018.

animated butterfy